Objective Analysis

Project Retail provides an objective, unbiased analysis by looking at your business from the inside out. We use Retail Orbit™ – the dynamic sales forecasting & merchandising planning tool that is designed to help you grow your business – not only in profits but most more importantly with cash.

We start with the basics, as they are the critical elements to measure in order to manage & maintain a profitable retail business. We look at your current business situation, how and where we can improve – we find the true potential of your business and guide you how to get there.

The following represents some of the merchandising metrics that we use to strategically build the merchandise strategies to grow and build your business:

  • Break-Even Analysis for each location
  • Sales, inventory and purchases by class for each location
  • Markdowns as a percentage of sales by class for each location
  • IMU vs. MMU by class
  • Measure and plan Gross Margin Return on Investment (GMROI)
  • Measure and plan Cash Margin Return on Investment (CMROI)
  • Merchandise freshness factor by classification
  • Stock to sales ratio by classification
  • Inventory Turn
  • Inventory Freshness


If you don’t measure it – you can’t improve it!