Meet the Team

Margo Kopman – Stylish Visionary : Ambitious Multi-Tasker : Retail Junkie

Margo Kopman has been in the independent retail business for over 15 years. Having faced many of the issues herself in owning and operating a women’s boutique in her hometown of Clayton, MO for 7 years, she began her consulting practice with high hopes of helping other independent retailers grow and prosper.  As a retail expert, she built The Project : Retail, a multi-channel consulting company that brings her passion & experience to not only her clients but a group of consultants, as well.  The foundation of her endeavor is a group of highly successful consultants positioned across the country to help independent retailers grow and build their businesses.  With the knowledge, experience and success she brings to her clients, her client base spans across the entire country.

Margo spends her free time as a mentor for Walk With Sally, as well as raising money for local and national animal shelters.  Margo also coaches young women looking to start their careers in retail.  She currently lives Manhattan Beach, CA with her two furry friends, Handsome Samson & Bubbie.

Dana Kantalis – Worker Bee : Passionate Problem Solver : Spirited Storyteller

Dana Kantalis is a successful retail strategist who has been on the wholesale and retail side of business. Having worked with both small designers, independent and big box retailers, her knowledge is vast in merchandising, buying and selling in brick & mortar as well as online stores, balancing inventory and managing cash flow. Over the last five years as a consultant with Management One, she has created effective working relationships, mentoring and supporting her clients to profitably thrive. Her understanding of marketing and promotions, consumers as well as buyers and both high end and smaller boutiques has spanned cross country and has helped develop her into an expert within the retail field.

Dana lives in Houston, is actively involved and sits on the board of several charities. In her free time, she loves to travel, take pictures and spend quality time with family and friends.

Natalie Woods – Sassy Entrepreneur : Quick Witted : Friendly Foodie

In 2004, after 10 years in the live event marketing and promotions business, Natalie Woods decided to begin a retail journey. With the counseling of one of Management One’s™ affiliates, the success of the store quickly grew and changed Natalie’s life as a retailer. It was the missing element in putting her retail store over the top while helping reduce the levels of financial stress that come with owning a retail operation. Natalie understands the challenges a retailer faces and uses her background, experience, and planning from Management One™ to overcome those challenges.

Brian O’Neill – Brand Oracle : Boutique Owner : Hockey Dad

Brian O’Neill has owned and operated designer boutiques in Cleveland, Ohio since 2002. Starting with his store Nabici and evolving with the market, Brian re-branded and opened his current store Brigade. During this time Brian owned his own designer label Wrath Arcane for 8 year, wholesaling the line domestically and abroad. With 14 years of industry experience Brian has a unique perspective when it comes to managing inventory. When consulting his skills as a buyer and brand director provide market specific knowledge and creative consideration. Brian is an expert in sales, inventory management, customer relations, buying, trend forecasting, and clothing production. Brian understands the importance of a merchandising plan from personal experience.  His ability to relate to customers and his charming sense of humor make him a trusted transparent consultant and simultaneously a friend.

Brian received a BA in communications from Xavier University. He has been happily married for 12 years and is the father of two boys. When he’s not consulting or running his retail store Brian is active on the ice, running his own adult hockey league and coaching his sons. GOAL!

Whitney Ferency – Focused Entrepreneur : Retail Problem Solver : Fashion Enthusiast

Whitney Ferency has over eight years of experience buying and planning for large retail chains as well as independently owned boutiques. She combines her passion for all things fashion with her analytical love for the numbers, creating a recipe for retail success! She is an expert in assortment planning, managing inventory levels, and helping her clients grow their business and increase their bottom line. Whitney lives in Santa Monica, in her free time you can find her playing tennis, hanging out with her four pound pup Fenway, or traveling.