Effective Solutions

With all the correct information we can maximize growth opportunities by:

  • Forecasting sales, inventory and purchases by class
  • Forecasting and measure measuring markdowns as a percentage of sales (by class)
  • Sales targets by classification by location
  • Inventory levels and targets by classification by location
  • Proper balance of inventory by classification by location
  • Proper flowing of merchandise into each location will maximize inventory investment
  • Monthly & Weekly merchandising budgets to meet desired targets

We tailor our monthly meetings to meet the needs of each individual client to maximize op-portunities and minimize potential threats by analyzing & interpreting the measured cus-tomer demand. As a client of Project Retail, you will walk away with a strategic action plan that is customized for you & your store each month. This also includes an actual year-to-date cash flow analysis, as well as cash flow projections for the upcoming season.


End Goal : Improve Cash Flow & Increases Market Share


Project Retail takes your passion for the buying and
selling and turns that knowledge into higher profits and more cash!